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Hella Fine 5 Liner

Needles on Bar
  • 50 needles per box
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The Hella Fine 5 are another mind-blowingly fine grouping; great for small details and great control. These make lines smaller than some companies' poorly crafted three, and provide more control and finesse with the added needles. Plus, they don't suffer from low quality, inconsistency and unsafe materials like so many of those others.

Signature 316L steel needles
Design Innovation
Industry Leading Quality
Great needles

Posted by Jordan H. on Oct 15th 2018

Gets the job done easier

Consistent and Reliable

Posted by Rob C. on Sep 25th 2018

These needles are super consistent; great detail liner for thin, crisp lines.

The needles were excellent, they

Posted by William G. on Sep 24th 2018

The needles were excellent, they were tighter than what I expected even from the name .... gonna try some other liners and groupings from you guys as well ... the difference in quality was very apparent the metal felt stiffer and the solder was uniformly melted into place the groupings were all uniform and the needles themselves seemed stiffer .... great product


Posted by Ryan M. on Sep 15th 2018

Been using this needle grouping for stipple whips allot lately. They give me the exact affect I've been searching for and allows me to move quickly without overworking the skin. Way to go!


Posted by Taylor C. on Sep 12th 2018

The hella fine 3’s are so great, they hold more ink an hit the skin better than a single needle but they give you that super tight single needle look. I love them.

Hella tight 4

Posted by Mia M. on Sep 10th 2018

The hella tight 4 is now my favorite needle to use. It's an interesting configurastion, as sturdy as a hella tight 5, but create a slightly thinner line . It feels much more sturdy then a 3. It is the closest to the pan I use (0.25) to draw, and so that makes it a very natural adaptation to skin.

Love em

Posted by Richard Q. on Sep 5th 2018

Slightly smaller than a single, but much more stable. :+1::+1::+1::+1:

Any singles layin around?

Posted by Django P. on Aug 27th 2018

Can a nigga get a loosey??

Hella fines are hella fine

Posted by Joshua A. on Aug 23rd 2018

They work!

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