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I began tattooing in 1993 after daydreaming about it over the previous 6 years. The art, power and rebellion of tattooing is what attracted me to it and my drive to learn led me to travel the world to work with and be tattooed by many iconic tattoo artists; a sort of tattoo pilgrimage of discovery. I had the great honor of meeting, tattooing and working with so many amazing people and learning such an incredible amount. This foundation of dedication and commonwealth informs me when we are developing products for Black Claw. It gives me great pleasure to be able to share what I have learned with others and this is a great way to turn that into tactile, usable tattooing tools.

Seth Ciferri

I began tattooing in the early 1990s as an apprentice, fresh out of high school. Almost immediately, my interest in the mechanical aspects of the craft began to outweigh a desire to become a fine artist, and my pursuit of knowledge shifted to a focus of understanding the process itself. The last twenty years have seen me exploring the variables which tattooing presents; from mixing pigments and tuning machines, to making needles by hand. It has been my aim for several years to create and help maintain an open dialogue within the industry, having founded the infamous Read Street Tattoo Forum and thus opening the door for, and hastening an exchange of valuable information among tattoo artists on a global scale. Black Claw represents a refined embodiment of these ideals, both in our mission and in our practices.

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