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Due to the impact of COVID-19, we know many tattoo shops and business addresses are are temporarily closed. If you are placing an order, please have it shipped to your personal address to ensure delivery.

We know having access to safe, quality tattoo supplies and information is critical for you to continue operating your business in this uncertain time. Black Claw is immediately reducing prices by 15% on all products in solidarity with the hard hit tattoo community. We've also instituted new hygiene measures in our warehouses and included some safety tips for you to follow. Read below for more on what we're doing to support the tattoo community. 

COVID-19 is rapidly changing all of our day to day work and lives.  And unfortunately, we have found ourselves trapped in a global pandemic. Many of us tattooers are obliged to limit working hours, restrict traffic in our businesses, and in many cases close altogether for the moment. As career tattooers, we understand that the majority of us never planned for something like this. There are no safety nets or bailouts in place for tattoo artists, and we know that when times get tough, a new tattoo is typically the last thing on a consumer’s list of necessities. But here at Black Claw, we care deeply about the health and safety of you our customers and the broader tattoo community at large, so we wanted to share what we are doing in response.

We also want to reassure you, we have a full set of stock available and are continuing to fulfill orders via our online store We know having access to supplies ensures you can keep operating your business. We are actively working with our shipping partners to minimize transit delays; however, customers in regions heavily impacted by COVID-19 may experience some delays and have seen delays with some carrier partners picking up and processing orders. We will continue to update you if changes occur.

Black Claw safety and hygiene measures
Black Claw has always lead the industry’s safety standards. All of our tattoo supplies continue to be vacuum sealed, sterilized and have a sterile indicator to ensure that you and your customers are safe. The CDC assures that currently there is no evidence to indicate transmission of COVID-19 associated with imported goods and there have been ZERO cases of COVID-19 in the United States associated with goods. 

However, as an extra precaution, we have implemented additional hygiene measures in our shipping warehouses to ensure all products delivered are clean and safe.  

  1. All visitors, vendors, contractors, carrier partners, and drivers will be required to put on PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) before entering warehouses, inbound freight drop off areas, outbound load pickups, or service work areas.

  2. This includes gloves, masks, and temperature checks.

  3. PPE equipment must be worn the entire time while within warehouse areas. This is not optional.

Tattooers already follow good health practices
Typically, we as tattooers are taught to treat every client as if they are a carrier of blood borne pathogens, in the sense that we handle each and every contaminated item with extreme caution. Well, it’s now time to put these skills to good use, as well as share your knowledge of these precautions with everyone in your social circle. Now is the time to implement these tips. Please treat EVERYONE as if they have the potential to infect you and your family. We’ve also collected some tips for you and we’ll be sending more in the near future.

    Tell Customers:
    • If you have any flu like symptoms please reschedule
    • Wash your hands with soap and hot water for 20 seconds
    • Avoid touching your face
    • Cover your mouth with arm or elbow when you sneeze or cough
    • Avoid wearing or clean any jewelry (especially rings) prior to appointments

    Good shop rules:

    • Scheduled appointments only, no walk-ins
    • Ask clients to come to appointments solo and leave friends and family members at home
    • Advise clients who recently traveled to high-risk areas to cancel or reschedule


    We know this is hitting our community hard and we feel its our responsibility to show our solidarity and support of the community we love and are integrally a part of.  Therefore, starting today, we have reduced prices on ALL Black Claw products 15%, no code needed, for at least the next month. We sincerely hope this helps support every one of you who have shown us such great support in the past.

    Love and respect,
    Grime & Seth

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