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"One of the things I have to point out about the full range of black claw is the slight texture to all the needles and the quality of the needle bars. My overall assessment is over a one year time span, and so far I love what I see. I personally use all the needles and here's my end result. One thing I have to say about the magnums in the black claw line up are the way they texture the needles it's done just right from the quality of the pins to the needle bar down to the amount soldering. This makes for fast tattooing with more efficient application."

André Malcolm


"I have been using black claw since the release of the needles in 2014. I want my tattoos to have a uniform In the way they look. I want people to see one of my tattoos and say " oh yeah that's a Mitch tattoo for sure " and I find that the consistency of black claw needles is helping me with getting that message across. If people were to comment on my work it is usually about the lines involved which I am consistently using black claw straight 9s for. 80% of the tattoos I do are palm to hand sized and I find these liners are helping me develop that uniform I want in my work. Ink flow is second to none on these liners giving me the chance to complete lines in one pass."



"In general, what i love about black claw needles is the aggressive texture, the clean shiny solder, and maybe most of all the solid needle bar. I know when I give them that just so bend for that perfect approach at the end of the tip, it's staying there."



"I prefer Black claw needles over all other needle company's for the sheer quality and craftsmanship of each needle. My favorites are the "hella tight 3's" and "hella tight 7's" for doing illustrative tattoos, they move like a precision fine line paintbrush excellent for tiny detail. The "hollow 8's" are the best well rounded needle I use daily for bold Americana traditional tattoos to illustrative brush stroke style tattoos. They are my favorite for pulling extremely long lines, shading and micro color detail where mags can't go. I am also a big fan of the "long taper" series for the softest greys and solid black. Also the solid craftsmanship of the packaging alone reaffirms me that I am paying for a quality product, I feel that quality tattooers should use quality products."

Henry Lewis


"I recently got to do one of the largest tattoos of my career and to try many brands of needle on each sitting and I can confidently say that the black claw medium taper mags I used packed black faster and with smoother heals than any other needle used on the tattoo. You can see the difference in the healed work as well. The black claw sections are noticeably blacker. they are the best!"

Lewis Hess


"I have been using black claw needles for over a year and had the chance to see the work coming back healed nicely, not scaring whatsoever, and packed solid. I can effortlessly use the hella tight 3 for small details, and the line is always clean, with no sign of blows or inconsistency, thin lines have never been so easy! I particularly like the straight liner groupings, particularly 7 and 11, the latter really good for bold lines. They carry ink nicely and consistently throughout, living a neat line behind that with those sharp lines, will hold the test of time no doubt. As far as shaders, I normally use long tapers curved mags. I mainly use 9 and 13. Although being long taper, the needles can pack the color solid when needed and deliver smooth shadings with the greys, reaching easily all the way in the little corners and up the outlines. No need to open the mag with these either, they are just perfect as they come. The easy access and labeling of the new boxes make it so easy to find and get what I need from my drawer, with no waste of time."

Claudia De Sabe


"With the luxury of ordering pre-made needles and so many companies to choose from, I find it important for us as tattooers to find a product that we decide is not only the best for us, but also our clients. I believe in Black Claw because they are provided by tattooers - tattooers who have spent countless hours making and using their own needles. As we all know, tattooing can be difficult. It's nice when you find something that can help the process become less strenuous. I was happy to find Black Claw needles because they do just that. When I used to make my own groupings, I remember using different spreads and needles to find something I really liked. With the ordering of pre-mades, I didn't realize how much had changed over the years in what I was using until I got my hands on a Black Claw. The first thing I noticed was the quality of the needle bar and how stiff it was when I put a bend on it. Next, I noticed the spread on the mag. As I started tattooing with it, my first thought was "Awesome, I forgot how much I liked a mag spread like this." I believe the needles and spread setup help to get smooth saturation efficiently without a lot of trauma. Currently, I'm using straight and curved long and medium taper mags for color and shade. I particularly like the straight large group liners from Black Claw as they have led to making more lines with a single pass which in turn helps with efficiency and saturation. I have only briefly met Seth, but anyone who knows Grime, knows he has great attention to detail. I feel this attention to detail is not only evident in Black Claw's products, but also even in their packaging with easy to read labels so I'm not struggling to find the grouping I need."

Curtis Burgess


"The way I prefer to work its important that pigment be delivered into the skin as intuitively as possible. In my experience using many other low quality needles I end up running circles trying to achieve high saturation which inevitably kills the spontaneity of the process and thereby dulls the life within the tattoo. So here we have a void in our craft created by a growing industry churning out substandard products. In this regard I am grateful that Grime and Seth are producing the line of Black Claw needles. The bar is stiff so I get a consistently solid impact. The groupings and tapers are well balanced allowing me to deliver pigment efficiently; to quickly block in shapes, textures, and high density fields of pigment. For those reasons, when using these groupings I have no concern about sacrificing the feeling of life in a tattoo and I can spend more time focusing on the spontaneity and flow while working. In short, the effectiveness of the Black Claw needles allows me to go deeper core of tattooing. Its filled avoid in our craft."

Adrian Lee


"They're seriously the absolute best pre-made liners I've ever used. A 14 or an 11 that actually lays down a nice consistent thick line like it should. The straight liners are my favorite. I think I've complained for the last 7 years, since I stopped making my own needles. Mainly, my complaint was the soldering of liners. Compensating by lining with a round shader or using a lighter to open up a tight grouping, or sifting threw a box of 50 needles to find those rare ones that actually seem almost okay. Those straight liners that you guys are putting out are the bees knees! I think most of my shop has switched over to buying your needles and I've told many other local artists that also remember how a good needle used to be, to buy them! super stoked!"

Terry Ribera


"When I first heard that Grime was putting together a project to provide needles to the tattoo community, needless to say I was excited! Every project he undertakes is well thought out, intentional, and pertinent. There are countless needle supply options, but for me, knowing where the needles come from, that they are made from superior materials, and that quality is the priority, I am able to eliminate one of the more difficult parts of tattooing, leaving me more time to draw. While on a recent visit to Skull and Sword, I was also impressed to see that all the guys are constantly testing and providing critique on new needle configurations, needle types, and discussing uses for each in an effort to continue improving their product. There are a wide array of needle options for whatever fits the job at hand, but I'm partial to the hella tite 3's for detailed line work. The tight 5's, and straight 7/9 liners are my first choice for the bulk of my tattooing. Hella tite 4's have become my go to for stippling- I find that the exceptionally tight grouping allows for consistent skin penetration, but I prefer a little larger size for the texture. The long-taper magnums are excellent for smooth black and gray, and the medium-taper magnums pack in color with maximum efficiency, achieving saturation in less passes, resulting in less damage to the skin for quicker heals with little need for touch-ups. Tattooing is such an amazing job to have, and while we put in so much thought and effort to our art, it's really nice to know that the same care is being taken by Black Claw with the tools that I use on a daily basis."

Ben Merrel


"These are by far the highest quality needle set ups I've personally ever used. Thank you for going way out of your way to create these for us and for sharing your years of trials and efforts. It's amazing to me what the possibilities are for tattoo; that we share the love for the art so deeply when the craft is stripped of the secrets and subtleties of what can be created with these tools. The large hollow needle groupings are so fun to watch deliver that boldness!!! Damn!!!!"

Eddy Deutsche


"So I basically use almost the same thing for every tattoo these days. I range between tight 5's through straight 9's for liners and between 9 mags and 11 mags for all shading and filling in solid color. Obviously the size and complexity of the design dictates what size liners I use. Tight 5's for the most detailed and on up. Mostly straight 5's and straight 7's for the most standard 1 or 2 session tattoo. Sometimes straight 9's and maybe a hollow 6 for anything very large. Shading is pretty much always 11 mags unless it's got some tricky smaller spots to fill in, then I go with the 9 mag. All of these tattoos were done with (those mention) Black Claw needles. Those configurations. All I use is Black Claw now."

Chris O'Donnell

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