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Product Innovation

Black Claw was founded by career tattooers with over 20 years of experience working as innovators in tattooing.

It is this dedication to the craft, passion for innovation, and decades of experience which separates Black Claw from the vast majority of other tattoo suppliers, many of whom have never so much as gotten a tattoo, let alone applied one.

As we develop new products to make the process of tattooing safer, easier, and more efficient, we communicate with our peers for input and apply this invaluable collective feedback to each and every item we make. From our unprecedented quality control process within the factory, to our continuously stringent lab testing, Black Claw aims to set a new standard in our trade.

Industry Innovation

As career professional tattooers, we know what works, what doesn’t and why. We understand what makes a good tattoo needle, how they interact with skin, and that the setup procedure is a crucial part of the tattooing process, so we developed user-friendly packaging for our needles, eliminating the guesswork of random internal numerical designations and creating boxes that can be stored and identified from virtually any angle. There are many challenges during the tattoo process and it is our duty and pleasure to aid our community in understanding and correcting them. We continually strive to develop tattoo tools that meet and exceed the esteem of our respected peers.

Unrivaled Quality

Our approach to quality control is unprecedented and unrivaled. We employ six stages of inspection throughout the manufacturing process of our tattooing equipment, including high definition digital microscope analysis. Upon receipt of each shipment, we ensure independent lab results of a lead-free product and surgical grade 316L stainless steel.

Composition & Comparison

Upon seeking independent lab testing of at least a dozen “top brands” of tattoo needles, we made the unsettling discovery that the majority were considerably unsafe. Some had lead levels hundred of times higher than the EPA recommended threshold for indoor, household paint, which is 600 PPM (parts per million). Prior to ever selling one needle, Black Claw has taken a proactive stance on public safety and protecting the interests of our industry as a whole, which is why our lab reports predate even our inception as a company.

Our needles are made from surgical grade 316L Stainless Steel. A lesser steel, such as the commonly used and cheaper 304 stainless will lose its point during a tattoo, particularly longer sessions. Or worse, it can wear against the tube surface, essentially creating a blade and lending itself to cutting and scarring the skin as its effectiveness to deliver pigment disappears. Our bars are made of thicker steel with a noticeable difference in feel, to ensure a rigid and reliable connection between artist and client. Compromise in this area can result in broken or easily bent needle bars, slowing your process and creating more work for the tattoo artist.

Black Claw has taken steps to lessen its carbon footprint, initiating an industry-first push toward a more responsible approach in packaging and manufacturing tattoo equipment. All of our boxes are made of 100% post consumer recycled paper. We aim to offset the impact we have by utilizing recycled materials wherever possible and creating new initiatives for further improvements. We Love Tattooing, and we love our planet.

Wy’east environmental laboratory results

IMR KHA Portland Laboratory Results

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