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Medium Taper Hollow 10 Hybrid

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  • Full Pack - 50 needles per box
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Medium Taper Hollow 10 Hybrid
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What a great needle, big and fun. It's like using a brush pen on a tattoo- amazing! Great for tiger stripes, rocks, coloring in anything you want saturated and interesting, as well as just making some big, powerful lines. They push color amazingly in part due to their textured needles. These lay down lines almost as big as a straight 14.

Hollow 10 is a needle for those who are looking for an even stronger, bolder line, with lots of ink flow. They also work quite magically as a round shader, packing it in and allowing you to dip less and thus increasing efficiency.

Signature 316L steel needles
Design Innovation
Industry Leading Quality

Posted by Jason C. on Jan 4th 2019

They allow me to do some of the dots works I am trying with such ease

Great needles

Posted by Mattew C. on Dec 10th 2018

These are tremendous. Nice fully saturated lines. I experimented with pulling back the center pin years ago. It’s great to be able to purchase these. I like that I don’t have to deal with the burning flux all up in my nose, and frustration of pulling the pins around. Thank you guys for doing all the hard work, for us to reap the rewards. Well done.

Medium taper hollow hybrid needles

Posted by Marco C. on Dec 9th 2018


hollow hybrid needles!

Posted by Travis B. on Dec 4th 2018

I was skeptical at first about the difference between these and a normal round shader being the same...., but boy was i wrong it's like being able to line shade and everything else imaginable with a single needle super rad i can't say enough about them!!

Best needles I've ever used

Posted by Al B. on Dec 3rd 2018

It's nice to finally be able to open a box of needles and not have to toss half of them out. Consistent quality means one less thing to worry about. The hybrid needle is my go to for most set ups. Hybrid 6 or 8 and bugpin 7 and I'm good to go. Love the versatility of the hybrid groupings for both single pass lines and solid color packing.

Tight 3’s and both long and medium taper magnums

Posted by Mike C. on Dec 3rd 2018

Hands down best I’ve ever used in 25 years of tattooing.Thanks so much guys! Keep up the great work, I will remain a client as long as you keep making them.

Medium taper hollow 6 needles

Posted by Theodire A. on Nov 26th 2018

Amazing, everything i have come to expect with zero compromises


Posted by Samantha R. on Nov 26th 2018

These needles are perfect for shading in small spaces, and making delicate gradients. Genius design, I’m IN LOVE.

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