Real Steel 11 Magnum Disposable Tube

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Real Steel 11 Magnum Disposable Tube
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  • Doesn’t flex like plastic tubes
  • 1/2mm thin wall design provides unmatched precision, feels like the needle is directly connected to your hand
  • Molded cork grip helps absorb vibration and serves as a renewable resource over plastic.
  • Includes a cork shelf off the back end for additional hand support. It serves to bridge the gap between grip and machine, providing comfort & control, keeping the weight more forward with less effort exerted to keep the machine balanced.
  • Shelf is pre-cut for easy removal, should it not sit well on your machine, which occured with some rotaries we tested.
  • Memory foam grips provide unmatched comfort and will not become slippery when wet.
  • We have designed the tubes to err on the larger side of fitting the corresponding grouping as we feel ink flow is paramount.
Real steel disposable tubes

Posted by Whit A. on Jan 14th 2019

Best disposables I’ve ever used. They’re all I use now. Thanks so much you guys rule :sign_horns:

Great needles and tubes!

Posted by Terry L. on Jan 13th 2019

Can't say enough nice things about these tubes and needles! Quality work, fast shipping, will continue to use these products.

Best tubes ever!

Posted by Joshua B. on Dec 28th 2018

Love these, use them every day now!

Awesome tubes.

Posted by Ron A. on Dec 25th 2018

These tubes are very comfortable to hold for long periods of time. I use coil machines with them and find that they hold up very well for long sessions. The steel tips are wonderful. I prefer steel over plastic disposables. They seem to fit my needle groupings perfectly with no side wobble and no issues spitting ink as I work. If there was any complaint, it is how loud they are. Other than the noise, I recommend trying them. I found them to be much better and easier to use than some other brands I’ve used. The grips are especially nice. Not a single tip has slipped, spun or crushed in my vice. I’ll be buying more in the future.


Posted by Travis S. on Dec 25th 2018

Undeniable quality with that real steel tube feel but in a disposable

What else is there to say.....

Posted by Joshua E. on Dec 23rd 2018

The Claw has nailed it again. Sturdy, solid flow, nice comfy grip, enough noise to irritate your rotary loving co-workers. It's the total package.


Posted by Michael T. on Dec 16th 2018

Fits perfect and has very good ink flow

best tubes

Posted by Caleb J. on Dec 8th 2018

yes yes yes!!

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